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"Substandard Materials Injure Worker"

" Recently, one of my employees broke his hand while drilling holes in the base of a competitive building resulting in a Workers Comp claim. Injuries can occur when pre-drilled holes are wrong or not drilled at all, as in this case."

Over the past 24 years, I've erected steel arch and straight wall buildings for most of the different dealers and manufactures out there. U.S. Building Systems' steel buildings have always had the highest quality materials, and been the quickest and easiest to erect. All holes line up precisely, and we didn't have to worry about missing parts or materials."

Erik Grahn
Vice President
Steel Buildings, Inc.



Quality Still Means
Something to Us!

Some Things to Consider Before You Buy…


1. Our buildings go up, look good, and perform
the way they're supposed to.

Newest Engineering & Technology
Our 50,000 square foot high-tech manufacturing facility houses the best people using the newest technology and equipment to make buildings that are stronger, last longer, easier to assemble, and look better.


  • We only use the finest heavy-grade commercial steel in a heavier gauge than competitors, so you and your belongings stay safe, and the building lasts!

  • Our precision-made parts and fasteners mean easier, faster, and safer assembly.


2. We are EASIER to deal with.

Nice People

It's different at U.S. Building Systems. You'll feel like a person instead of a sale.

You'll appreciate our professionalism and product knowledge. We can answer your questions, send information, or place your order quickly, so you can move on to other important things.


3. We WON'T leave you hanging.

Excellent Support
Unmatched by ANY competitor, U.S. Building Systems helps you get your building up quickly and easily.

  • Voted "Best in the Industry," we're here for more hours each day.

  • Customer Service - Nice, factory-trained people that know how to help. Just a toll-free call away.

  • Local Construction Consultants - Available throughout the U.S. for on-site help.


4. Our steel building may not be the cheapest, but it's the BEST!

What Most Customers Want…
We've found that most of our customers aren't looking for the "cheapest" building,
That's right…they're looking for:

  • A dependable building that will meet their needs.

  • From a solid company they can count on.

  • At a price they can afford.

This describes U.S. Building Systems perfectly! Give us an opportunity, and we'll be proud to earn your business.

Yes, I want to find out more!